JOBehaviors Assessments

ICANA introduces the JOBehaviors Driver Assessment system as a part of the hiring process. JOBehaviors scientifically proven job-specific compatibility assessment helps you make the right hiring decisions, whether you are looking for employee drivers, owner operators or dispatchers. JOBehaviorswill identify high performing candidates, candidates who possess the personal attributes that will make them successful with your company, other employees and your customers.The candidates identified by JOBehaviors will be more safety conscious, more efficient, have more loyalty to your company, and be less likely to leave. You can reduce turnover, auto accidents, workers compensation claims, cargo claims and improve customer satisfaction by making the correct hiring decisions. This is the same driver assessment tool utilized by some of the nation’s largest trucking companies.

Benefits/Improving Retention & Safety/Costs

Some of our fleets have started using the service and have found it to be a very valuable tool in their hiring process. This online tool is simple to use. Simply log in to the site and have the prospective driver complete the assessment during the application process. The assessment takes no longer than 15 minutes to complete and you’ll have the ability to quickly focus on high-potential candidates with JOBehaviorscomparative star rating system, from 1-5 stars.We recommend that this be the first step in the application process. If the candidate scores less than 3 on the assessment we will not approve him/her and there is no need to waste more of your time. While drivers scoring 3 are viable candidates, driver scoring 4 or 5 are highly recommended. To simplify the notification process, our agency is also set up to receive a copy of all test results.


5-Star Rating Scale

This resource is made available to you free of charge as a member of the Intermodal Insurance Program. If you were purchasing this assessment individually they would cost $30 per assessment. Please click on the link below to get started.

Start Using Today/More Information

To integrate JOBehaviors into your hiring process today, simply click HERE, locate your company’s unique assessment link(s), and have your candidate complete the assessment. You’ll receive the results within minutes of completion.

For More Information on JOBehaviors, view the 2-minute video below:



If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please contact Vicente Preciado in our office at or call (323) 722-0812.